Books from your favorite indie, delivered right to your door! Our book-a-month club features newly released titles chosen by your favorite shop staffers. Annie, Olivia, Ashley, Chris, and Kelsey have selected their favorite new books each month, and you can have one shipped to you!

Members can sign up for 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions; just let us know which staffer your tastes are most like -- or ask us to surprise you! For example, select Annie's subscription, and you'll receive Annie's choices each month. Request a surprise box, and we'll keep your personal tastes in mind when sending one of that month's staff's selections your way. 

Our Shelf Subscriptions are perfect for readers who want to broaden their literary horizons, or for book lovers who want to eliminate "decision fatigue" and let us pick their next book!

Already a Shelf Subscriber? Make sure you've joined our Facebook group, where you can discuss your monthly selections and connect with other subscribers around the country. 


here's what you can expect... 

...from annie

If you follow our shop podcast, you know Annie loves literary fiction featuring strong female protagonists. Her monthly selections lean toward strong, literary voices you'll want to read with your book club and share with your best friends. Past subscription titles include: Young Jane Young, The Ensemble, Fire Sermon, Tangerine, That Kind of Mother

...from chris

You'll get big-name authors of literary fiction from Chris, but don't expect strict realism. While Annie's picks may favor contemporary family drama, Chris's will skew toward the supernatural, but in a way that still feels "normal." Mostly. Past subscription titles include: The Oracle Year, There There, The Afterlives, and Future Home of the Living God

...from Olivia

Olivia's loved the thrill of a good mystery novel since she was a kid, and her shelf subscription titles always feature the latest, most compelling whodunits. If you love curling up with a well-written thriller on a dark and stormy night, Olivia's picks are for you. Past subscription titles include: The Word Is Murder and Macbeth (by Jo Nesbø).

...from KELSEY

Part-time bookseller Kelsey selects literary fiction and nonfiction you can read one essay or short story at time. Her shelf subscription titles are perfect for readers who prefer their literature in bite-sized, manageable chapters that still pack a punch. Past subscription titles include: Look Alive Out There and Come West and See. 

...from Ashley

Our events manager loves well-written memoirs and nonfiction books about personal development and individual well-being. Her monthly selections will feature reflective memoir and essay collections filled with wit and wonder. Past subscription titles include: Places I Stopped on the Way Home, Tell Me More, and Silence in the Age of Noise.              


Can't decide which staffer is right for you? When you purchase a "surprise me" subscription, you'll have the opportunity to tell us what books and genres you love. Each month, we'll select one of our staffer's picks for you based on your tastes and preferences; like a box of chocolates, you'll never quite know what you're going to get! (We recommend our "surprise me" subscription for the more adventurous reader.)

Shelf Sub kids.png

Teacher? Librarian? Mom? Kid lit fan? Actual kid? 

We're kicking off our monthly shelf subscription featuring newly released children's picture books, middle grade novels, and YA selections. As with our adult shelf subscriptions, The Bookshelf staff will pick their favorite children's titles each month and ship them straight to your door. There are three subscription options for kids and kids-at-heart: Picture Book (for preschool and early elementary readers), Children's Chapter (for middle grade readers), and Young Adult (for teens and YA enthusiasts). 



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Still Can't Decide?

For guidance or enjoyment, take our newly customized shelf subscription quiz! Based on reading preferences, trends in subscription picks, and the details of all their literary loves and pet peeves, each question is designed with a weight system of relevancy specifically connected to each of the staff members and their shelf subscriptions. If you missed anything above, you can find it in the quiz, and be sure to comment your results below or on our social media!